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 Morgan's malediction

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Eric, ami de Merhia

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MessageSujet: Morgan's malediction   Sam 31 Mai - 9:48

Ce texte est une nouvelle assez courte. En anglais. Je posterai la traduction sous peu.

The sun was shining. We were only hearing the waves against the hull of the ship and the crew. Everybody sang, even people who usually didn't. I was listening the man in front of me:
“I know of a tavern, not far from here,
Where you can get some mighty fine beer.
The company true, and the wenches are pretty.
It's the greatest damn place in the whole of the city.1
« Long John! You just have to wait for five days! I cried.
­— I know, sir Morgan, but it's so long!
— Don't worry! We'll find a lot of women! I said.
— Yeah! I know, sir Morgan! It's so good...» he sighed.
I am sir Morgan. The second of our ship, the Liberty. We were pirates. Thirty-five, exactly. And there was only one woman, Lucy, captain. She was in her cabin, because she didn't sleep during the whole night. We would eat some minutes later. We were waiting for the call of the cook.
« Come on! He called suddenly. Come, eat something! »
Captain Lucy came to take the helm and I went to eat. Everybody was in the room, except the captain and the cook.
One hour later, I was in my cabin. I put my sabres on the chest of drawers. I stretched out on the bed. I didn't expect the shout.
It was midnight. I was sleeping. I caught my sabres and ran to the cabin where the man shouted. When I arrived, there was a puddle of blood on the floor. The man, Harry, had been beheaded. The head was against a window. A wave of fear crossed me. I had already seen corpses like this one. It was in the last ship where I worked, The black independence. In a few days, all the crew died except me, but I never knew why. If it was the same thing, I might discover what killed them.
Lucy arrived suddenly. She pushed me and saw what we could see: the corpse. She pointed a finger against my chest.
« You… you… you murdered him! Morgan, why did you do that?
— No. I didn't do anything. He was like this when I arrived. You have to believe what I say! I'm not the murderer.
— I believe you. Did you see or hear anything?
­— The shout but nothing else. »
She closed her eyes. She seemed to think about what happened. Suddenly, we heard an other shout. We ran quickly to the source of the sound. There was another corpse. We were in the same situation. This one was Long John. I had a thought for him. He would never have any woman in his bed.
« Someone on the ship is a murderer! Lucy said.
— I'm not sure, captain.
— How can you say that, Morgan? How did they die if nobody on the ship has killed them?
­— Do you remember when I spoke about my life before the Liberty? I have told these terms: “the captain wants my head”.
— I remember.
— It was wrong. It was a lie. But now, I will tell the whole truth.
« Midnight. There was a storm. I was one of the member of the crew, nothing else. The first person who died was my best friend. A few minutes later, the cook passed away. A war between us happened. The captain and twelve other persons died. In five days, just three persons stayed alive. Then, The black independence sank. I'm the only survivor…
— To resume, all the crew died but you survived. And you were not the murderer. Was he one of the two other survivors before the end of the ship?
— No, there were with me when someone died, they were not guilty.
— We will find him. Call the crew! »
During the end of the night and all the day, we searched for proofs. Of course, we didn't find anything. At night, we went all on the superior deck. Everybody could see everybody.
The rain began and the first flash of lightning occurred. We heard the thunder not too far.
« Captain Lucy! somebody cried. The storm comes! You have to take the helm! If you don't act, we will drift or sink.
— I go, Luke. »
She went to the helm and the members of the crew held their post. Like I expected, some members died. During the night, we lost five men. I saw when the last died. He was leaning on the great mast when his head fall. I just saw a knife, but it disappeared once the person died.
In the morning, all the crew came around me and said:
« We don't wanna die. Lucy does nothing. Sir Morgan, do you want to become our new captain?
— Yes, but how do you want to give me the power?
— The black mark2. You'll give her the paper, and we'll do the rest. »
Someone gave me a sheet. I went to Lucy's cabin and said:
« You have had a chance to save them. But now, it's the time for Captain's Morgan revenge! »
And I left the room. Lucy followed me (I don't know why) and the crew caught her. They tied up Lucy and went to the deck.
« What will we do with her? I asked.
— Keelhaul3! they shouted.
— Are you sure?
— Yes! »
Ten minutes later, they got back on the ship Lucy's corpse.
At midnight, all was calm on the hip when suddenly it sank. I fled but not the other ones, who died. But I don't know why.

Destiny is against me. And, there is a proverb: “never two without three”. I think so it will be the same thing in my next ship. I have a consolation: now, I am captain. Captain Morgan.

1Nancy the Tabvern Wech, Alestorm, from the album Captain Morgan's revenge
2In French, we have the "tache noire". When the captain has it, he knows his days are counted.
3It's a game. Someone (tied up) is throwing in the sea and pass under the keel. The objective is his death.

Voili voilou ! J'espère que cela vous aura plu !
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Morgan's malediction
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